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Quisqualis.com is an educational web site that promotes the growing, conservation and usage of rare fruit and edibles throughout the world with an emphasis on the tropics.


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 Ceratozamia robusta ID?

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We have a background in print media, and have edited books and over 100 issues of what was the world's only monthly magazine dedicated to rare fruit. Below are links to several issues of TropicalVisions which is an experiment in producing an electronic magazine. We have incorporated them here as the information remains useful. 

Electronic Magazine Sample Vol. 1 No. 1
Electronic Magazine Sample Vol. 1 No. 2
Electronic Magazine Sample Vol. 1 No. 3
Electronic Magazine Sample Vol. 1 No. 4
Electronic Magazine Sample Vol. 1 No. 5
Electronic Magazine Sample Vol. 1 No. 6
Electronic Magazine Sample Vol. 1 No. 7
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Where and why we chose this name.


We provide information for those who want to learn about rare fruit as well as those who use, preserve and are simply curious.
Like all web sites we are a constant work in progress to one degree or another. Please watch for nails and falling branches as you wander around ;)

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