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Need Web Space of Your Own? How About VPS Hosting?

We searched long and hard for our provider. What we wanted was ease of operation, usable space, options to allow us to expand and low price. What we found was a company that was both Apple Mac and Windows friendly that gave us enough space to build a good site and plenty of room to grow. We were with them several years but there were still problems, and we decided to take the next step: We founded Green-Gator™ Web Hosting. We are proud that Green-Gator is powered by the wind, not petroleum and offers a fully featured but - low cost alternative - for hosting your site. On your request we provide several HTML coded pages free with your site.

You should be aware that while some find making their own pages in HTML fun and rewarding others find it a confusing, frustrating exercise in futility. We code some of our own pages by hand and use Mozilla's SeaMonkey module for others. Adobe Photoshop and several other programs are used to prepare various materials before the coding process even starts. We can, if you wish design your page for you using a combination of your information and our resources. There is no real set price for this as each project differs in requirements and complexity. Art, logos, text and overall design services are available at reasonable cost to you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions just ask Bob Cannon.

If you are thinking about your own space we think you owe it to yourself to give our company below a look, you can opt in for a low quarterly or annual payment. We also help you register your URL, in your own name at cost. Using Green-Gator™ helps us keep our own rare plant pages up and operating for you. Click on the Image or link below to give Green-Gator Hosting a look.  If you happen to be looking for more expensive VPS Hosting, we suggest you take a look at DotBlock or Berkley.

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