Techniques of Grafting a DVD Review


I recently received a copy of Techniques of Grafting, a new DVD from the Orange County Chapter of the CRFG and wanted to tell you about it. 


Subtitled: Fundamentals of Grafting

The disk features five experienced California grafters who take you through the process of grafting using splice, cleft and bark grafts. There are also sections on Scionwood, Clonal Grafting and Air Layering. Each topic is divided into a chapter, which allows you to replay those areas of specific interest to you.

Many times non studio disks suffer from poor editing or sound or reproduction problems. Techniques of Grafting has to be one of the best efforts I have seen. Video is clear, sound is understandable and dialogue is not overly rushed. They have also avoided the problems associated with labels on DVDs by having the disk information printed on the disk. (No jammed up players from lost labels here.)


A Chapter by Chapter Look

Splice Graft – Julie Frink

Using Avocado seedlings Julie clearly demonstrates a splice graft. She also offers some good observations. The use of community pots for early rootstock production and wrapping budwood in Parafilm ™ are a couple. She also ties a beautiful knot in plastic tape, something many fail to learn. An obviously experienced grafter she is easy to follow.


Bark Graft – Dennis Luby

The bark graft or field graft is one seldom used by backyarders and Dennis does a good job of both explaining and demonstrating the process. While quite different than a splice graft we clearly see that there are similarities between the two. Dennis shares much of his experience with the viewer.


Cleft Graft – Don Winterstein

Using Jujube Don shows us a cleft graft using fairly hard woods. As with the other presenters he uses care to both explain and demonstrate each step as the graft is made. It would be fairly easy for a novice to follow his directions successfully.


Air Layering – Roger Meyer

What's air layering doing on a DVD about grafting? Perhaps it belongs here, as air layering is one of the most common methods used by homeowners and nurserymen to propagate. Roger explains both the similarities and differences in the two techniques on a longan.


Cleft Graft – Riley Holly

Using avocado, Riley revisits the cleft graft. We get a quick look at the process from a slightly different perspective and you may want to play this chapter twice as it is full of information and moves a bit fast.

 Disk Image

Scionwood Collection – Riley Holly

Riley spends a few moments selecting citrus and avocado budwood. He also takes some time to explain the different tools needed for budwood collection and grafting. His use of a small wood plane to make precision cuts in hardwood budwoods is particularly interesting. A good explanation on the production of selected rootstocks is also provided. The viewer comes away understanding the budwood / rootstock selection process better than the average gardener.


I found the DVD very educational and was especially interested in the differences in techniques between California and Florida. Be you advanced or a beginner, I recommend that you seriously consider adding this DVD to your horticultural library. Running time is approximately 1 hour.


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