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Quisqualis Virtual Herbarium TM is designed to supplement the traditional herbarium sheet. Since many herbarium sheets are being digitized and placed online it seems logical that the next step would be placing photographs for identification online. Photographic evidence of plant characteristics preserves, to a degree, elements of colour and appearance that are lost as a specimen dries. On the other hand, like digitized herbarium sheets, a researcher cannot pick up a specimen and examine it more closely.

If you would like to contribute photographs or information about a specific plant please contact the web master.  As previously stated, we doubt that the Virtual Herbariumô will ever replace the traditional but we believe that it can become a valuable resource.

Since this is an ongoing project we are open to suggestions for making the pages better. Comments, suggestions and contributions may be sent here.

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Scientific Name
Diospyros dignya jacq
Eriobotrya japonica

Common Names
Black Sapote
Chocolate Pudding Fruit
Sapote Negro


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