Ceratozamia robusta?

In the late 1070's and early 1980's I was a member of Fairchild Tropical Garden and this was one of their distribution plants. I believe it was listed as rare and endangered - but almost all Cycads fall into these categories. I have the records, somewhere, well packed away and cannot access them. I would love to have some idea as to what this one is. Experts have suggested that it is most likely Ceratozamia robusta.

Looks like this is Ceratozamia robusta but feel free to send comments

Over the years this plant has had ups and downs. It has survived well considering that it has been in the center of two damaging storms, suffered from occasional cold snaps and through three or four moves.

Unknown Cycad - entire plant

The plant lives in a clay pot and has responded well to fertilizer last season. I expect to re pot again and push it with fertilizer this season. I am using clay as this allows excess moisture to evaporate from around the roots. I cannot remember if this is a dry or moist land species.

I generally use a well drained mix that has little or no sand. Time release fertilizer is usually in the mix and I occasionally top dress with millorganite or drench with a liquid fertilizer. After our winter I think most of the plants are in need of more fertilizer.

The oldest frond is about 4 foot long and has 42 leaflets, next oldest is a bit shorter and has 38 leaflets. I don't know is the bright yellow green color is due to the amount of sun, nutrition or a characteristic of the plant. The edges of the leaflets are soothe on both edges. The undersides are the same in color but not as shiny. New growth is soft and pink / red.CeratozamiaRobustaCeratozamiaRobusta

Leaflet tips
This closeup shows leaflet tips.

Leaflet arrangement
Leaflet arrangement along the stype is not quite perfectly opposite with some degree of alternation. All the fronds are evenly compound.

More information on this plant follows.

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