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We now have four e-mail list groups for you. These are free but you must go to the below locations and sign up. You automatically receive the postings with your regular mail. If you decide you no longer want the postings you can easily unsubscribe.

These groups also offer the option of receiving messages in digest form or viewing the messages through the web.


First rarefruit-subscribe@yahoogroups.com is for a quick exchange of general and specialized information on rare sub, semi and tropical fruit and nuts.

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Second rarefruit_recipes-subscribe@yahoogroups.com is for posting and finding recipes for your rare and uncommon fruits, nuts and vegetables.

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Third CoolFruit-subscribe@yahoogroups.com is for a quick exchange of general and specialized information on uncommon temperate climate fruit and nuts. Members living in marginal areas will find this new group valuable.

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Fourth: ContainerFruit-subscribe@yahoogroups.com A group for people growing their rare edibles in containers.

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