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Editor's Basic Grafting Kit

Improve Your Plants!    Learn New Skills!    Confuse The Neighbors!

Use this kit to graft several different varieties of fruit on the same tree or produce a plant with half a dozen different colors of flowers.


People graft for a variety of reasons; to change the type of fruit a plant produces, to add flowers of differing colors and to produce plants to sell. All that is required is a well rooted, growing plant (rootstock) and cut pieces of a healthy plant of the same Genus to add to the rootstock (budwood, scion wood). Add to this knowledge and skill in knowing how to make the grafts and many can graft their own plants successfully.

Have you ever eaten the fruit of a grafted plant?

If you have eaten any citrus, apple or pecan the chances are that the answer is YES. Grafting is an art/science that has been used since ancient times to reproduce and preserve plant varieties that people find desirable. There are limitations, this is a process that has occurred naturally in the wild, the plants involved MUST be closely related. Botanically most grafts are between members of the same Genus. Sometimes members of differing Genus but the same family are compatible, but this is less common. This means you might grow a single citrus plant with several types of fruit. Imagine a tree with grapefruit, lemon, lime and two types of oranges. Since the different varieties all grow at different rates most home owners prefer to stop at three or four varieties. The more varieties the more care and diligence needed in pruning. I have seen more than one citrus tree with over 50 types of fruit. 

Hibiscus are popular and most enjoy their large showy flowers. They graft easily - so easily that I recommend them for learning the grafting skills. Again, the varieties grow at different speeds but why not have a hibiscus with red, white, yellow and bicolor flowers? I have seen plants with ten and more colors of flowers. All it takes is patience and practice.

Why make a plant with many varieties if having more that three or four is a little more work? When asked I have been told, "I don't have space for more trees", "the challenge", "because I could" and "its fun". Another reason, perhaps the best, is to preserve budwood for future uses. I know some grafters who store their bud wood this way - then when they get rootstocks (or an order for a sale plant) all they need do is take the budwood from their 'bank' tree. This works for citrus, mango, white sapote, hibiscus and others.

A grafting kit is now available that contains necessary tools and enough supplies to make 60+ grafts. The kit makes a great introduction to the art of grafting, as well as providing materials to try several different methods. Instructions are included.

Partial list of contents: Knife, extra blades, budding tape, Parafilm® type M tape, instructions (PDF document), labels, plastic bags...

All of the materials in this kit are available from us in larger quantities and/or as refill packs. We are constantly adding, testing and updating so all kits may not be identical. While we advertise enough materials for 60 grafts you will find enough for more in the kit, we are doing this in order to broaden your grafting experience. We want you to experiment and find the methods and materials that work best for you.

Additional materials we may include: Grafting/budding tapes A or B, Parafilm® type F tape, rubber budding strips...

Payment by cheque must be made in US dollars, payable on a US Bank. Make your cheque to Bob Cannon and mail orders to:
Bob Cannon II
709 Spruce Street
Englewood, Florida
U. S. A. 34223-3741
or call (941) 473-1466 for information. Please mention this source.

Introductory kit; $26.95 plus $6.95 Priority shipping. Foreign shipping $9.50. Insurance, is highly recommended (we pay the cost of US insurance) We cannot be held accountable for lost or mis-directed foreign orders. U.S. funds only please.

This kit includes enough materials to make over 60 graft or bud unions. Grafting and budding are quite similar and the materials will work with both techniques. Each kit is built by hand and contents may vary depending on what is available to us at the time of order. Generally kits ship in two weeks or less. If we are out of a basic component (such as tape, Parafilm®, other) there may be a delay in shipping while we restock our components - this would add an additional two weeks. We service your orders as quickly as we can and most go out under two weeks.

Packaging and components may differ from those illustrated as each kit is custom assembled to take advantage of new materials we may have on hand.

Basic Components

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