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Rarefruit Groups - this was a test for a free service for our lists. Quisqualis is pleased to announce that we have now established a site with a DB that allows for you to post and edit your own listings. - Bob SW Florida

Rare Fruit List Seed Database:

Give it a look!

As to this page: It will now mostly serve as an introduction to the Database page at but  Members are welcome to send us information to post on this page, and we've left two posts below to give you an idea of what to send us. Seeds and plants should go to the new DB which is currently free to use. All you need to do is create a free account there. This DB is a place where members of our groups (and visitors) can post free want, trade and sell lists of seeds, plants and other related materials.

We are not accepting further ads for this page at this time. In the future we may accept ads that would be Off Topic in the DB.

Rules: Sending an ad is your acceptance of our rules. Your ad must relate to something plant or grove related. At this time listings are NOT limited to fruits. Posters must take every possible step to see that listings are accurate. All ads must be dated. No ads that compete with the site will be accepted. All ad exchanges / sales are between the poster and their customer - Quisqualis (and any one associated with Quisqualis) has NO responsibility or liability connected with any transaction. Those involved in transactions are expected to conduct them selves in a fair and honest manner. Complaints may result in loss of posting privileges. Sending materials grants Quisqualis permission to edit and use them on the internet.



Basic Grafting Kit
Available from :
Priced at 26.95 this kit contains every thing you need to try several techniques. Includes two grafting films, tapes, blade handle and blades and more. See the URL for more details. Cheque or credit cards.


Solanum torvum information available from the Cannons : editor/ÄT/quisqualis/DÖT/-c-o-m-/

Tiny, bitter green eggplants on shrubs up to 6 feet tall. Popular in SE Asia and Caribbean cooking. Can also be grafted to purple egg plant to overcome root nematodes. We cannot offer this for sale as it is on the list of noxious weed species. We are still collecting information about the plant and recipes for its use. We have no stock but will, as always, answer serious questions.


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