Gardening and Flowers for the Young and Young at Heart

Gardening, be it edible or ornamental plants has been proven to be satisfying, enlightening and therapeutic. Children benefit as do gardeners of other ages. At one time I was the 'youngest' member of the Rare Fruit Council, now I am one of the older rarefruiters. Over the decades I've learned a lot and firmly believe that more people, especially the young should be introduced to growing plants of many types. It is my opinion that these resources might lead someone to investigate the wonders of the plant world These links were all good when I checked them but please remember that we have no control over changes that others may make to their pages.

Gardening is a pleasurable activity that has many benefits for children and adults of all ages. It is, in fact, an activity that is enjoyed by people across the country regardless of social standing or gender. Benefits of gardening include, but are not limited to, weight loss, mental relaxation, and the ability to do something positive for the environment. In some cases, people take up gardening for personal reasons such as a love of flowers and plants, without giving conscious thought to the benefits. There are numerous types of gardening activities that people may start, either individually or as a family, including flower gardening. The beauty and fragrance of flowers in a garden make it an appealing pastime for both the young and the young at heart. One of the best way to get started with this or any other type of gardening is to learn about the flowers or plants that grow best where one lives, and in what conditions they will thrive.

Flowers, Plants, & Gardening for Kids

Gardening is a suitable and fun pastime that families with children can perform together. It can be a way of spending time together and bonding, or of introducing kids to an activity that one or both parents enjoy. Because of its educational benefits, it is also an activity that schools can involve their students in. Gardening is largely an outdoor activity and a physical one to some extent. As a result, an added benefit is that it is a great way to get kids out of the house, away from television and video games and into fresh air. Even families that live in homes without a backyard may still enjoy gardening. Container gardening, for example, is a great way to garden on apartment patios. Community gardens are yet another way to share a love of gardening with children. Kids who garden are able to learn about flowers and plant life first-hand, which is one of the reasons that some schools start gardens with their students. By introducing kids to various types of plants and flowers, parents and schools can help them develop a life-long interest and appreciation for the activity, a certain type of plant, or the beauty and complexity of nature in general.

General Online Flower Resources

The Internet is a valuable resource when it comes to gardening. This is particularly true for people who are developing or maintaining a flower garden. On the Internet, gardeners can find in-depth information about flowers in general or a particular type of flower. Seasoned and new gardeners will find information on trusted and authoritative sites such as flower organizations and universities. In addition, valuable information on planting flowers, care instructions for specific flowers, and what flowers thrive in certain parts of the country are just some of what can be found online. Gardeners can conveniently read about the history of flowers that they intend to grow and also about any pests that may threaten them. A part of the joy of growing flowers is creating bouquets and sharing them with others. To do that they must be cut from the garden, prepared, and stored a certain way. This information on cutting flowers and their care is also available online.

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