Tropical Visions

Tropical Visions
The Rare Fruit Review
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Volume I Number 2 Whole Number 2
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Tropical Visions is published monthly by:
Quisqualis and the United Network Rare Fruit Explorers (UNRFE) as an electronic magazine.

Tropical Visions
Edited by   ------   -------   Bob G. Cannon II
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----  -------    Donna Cannon, Lon Rombough, Aaron Bandy
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We strive to present accurate and interesting information. Readers, especially novices to the subject covered, should be aware that botany and horticulture are not set in stone. Names change, techniques are proven or disproved and scientific advances may render yesterday's truths invalid. Therefore, if you are growing your plants successfully, with good result, take care when changing to something new to you.

Furthermore, since many of the plants we cover are edible caution should be used by those with known allergies or when trying something for the first time.

All trade marks and registered names belong to their respective companies or organizations. If we have inadvertently printed something copyright without permission please contact us and it will be removed.


Miracle Fruit  - Donna Cannon

Annotated Gene Joyner - Sugar Apple  -  Gene Joyner

Grapes in Florida  - Lon Rombough

Drying Your Macs  - Aaron Bandy, Bob Cannon

Lychee in Florida from 1950 - Florida Department of Agriculture

Ornamental Spotlight:

Saving a Potbound Asparagus  - Bob Cannon



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