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We are forming a NEW Organization!  **  Join today and be one of our founding members

Tentative name: United Network Rare Fruit Experimenters

There has been a lot of talk about our forming a new organization so due to the demand we are doing so. Now, its up to you to take the next step.

Membership benefits:

Increased Information Services
Exclusive List Group
Monthly Electronic Publication
Free Advertising / Want Ads
Online and Mail Classes
Seed Exchange / Bank
Free Publications
Budwood Exchange / Bank

We are still forming our preliminary goals, so far we have the following:
1- To ensure the continuance and improvement of the current multimedia based educational activities.
2- To become a membership supported Non Profit Corporation with an emphasis on all facets of rare fruit.
3- To produce a monthly electronic publication for our membership with an option to receive said publication on disk as a compilation.
4- To expand our botanical/horticultural activities with an emphasis on education for all levels of members and the community.
5- To promote the collection and preservation of rare fruits and edibles.
6- To develop new uses for rare edibles.

Membership Costs:


Sample page links: Volume 1 No. 1: Tropical Visions Magazine: The Rarefruit Review : the Rarefruit Review .

Volume 1 No. 2: Tropical Visions Magazine: The Rarefruit Review : the Rarefruit Review . Tropical Visions is included as a membership benefit

Join Today:

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We need people to volunteer a small amount of time for our Advisory, Publication and Operations Boards as well as legal and accounting start up assistance. Please contact us at:

Quisqualis Start Quisqualis Rare Plants

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